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Sit back and take a ride on the darker side, in our vintage hearse "Stacy Marie" as you travel down the narrow haunted streets of St Augustine. Long believed to be the most haunted city in the Nation, you will experience the ancient city's most hands on Ghost tour! On our tour you will experience the opportunity to try out some of the latest in paranormal investigative tools. You will also take advantage of a smaller more intimate Tour experience and visit areas of St Augustine, the larger tour vehicles simply can't navigate! Our tour is limited to 8 people at a time , so be sure to get your reservations early! Our Tours are presented nightly with additional tours offered on weekends and holidays! Our licensed tour guides will offer you an experience, you will not soon forget! You never know what you will see or hear on our tours!

About our Vintage Hearse

Our vintage funeral coach is an experience in and of itself! Our hearse "Stacy Marie" so named for its past paranormal history has been removed from two other locations due to unexplained circumstances revolving around the vehicle. Some of the happenings involving the car are unexplained voices inside the coach, the horn blowing at all hours on its own, not to mention its unexplained cold spots. Many passengers report being touched, their hair being tugged, and their items being moved about the coach! These incidents, plus the sightings of a dark figure lurking about the parked vehicle, have prevented even the most seasoned ghost tour guides to refuse to take the vehicle home late at night, or for that matter park it anywhere near their home!